Dr. Llewellyn Williams, M.D, is the anesthesiologist for the Las Cruces Surgery Center.

His years of experience has shown that conventional medicine paired with changes in lifestyle makes the most profound and long lasting results in overcoming pain. The lifestyle changes he encourages not only improve the prognosis of pain treatment, but it also has an even larger effect on the diseases that plague many Americans.

As narcotic overdoses have hit an all-time high is New Mexico, Dr. Williams has made it a personal and professional commitment to assist the community in dealing with this epidemic. Dr. Williams has become certified in prescribing Suboxone and has weaned many people in our community from dangerously high amounts of narcotics.


  • Received Medical Degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine

  • Practiced Pain Management for over 18 Years, which one-third of this times has been in Las Cruces, New Mexico